• Presently a large number of universities are offering graduate and post graduate degree courses in food Technology. CSIR-CFTRI at Mysore offers M.Sc. Degree courses in Food Technology, Post graduate Certificate course in Flour milling and a large number of short term courses. The Defence Food Research Laboratory at Mysore offers post graduate course in food analysis. NIFTOM – a venture of MFPI, is offering a number of courses in food Technology. Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology also offers FT courses at Graduate and post graduate levels. Courses are also offered by Allahabad Agricultural University, Tamilnadu Agricultural University and Universities at Parbhani, Jadhavpur, Bundelkhand- Jhansi and other places are also offering regular courses. Many of the IITs are having Food Engineering Faculties - There are many more such courses that are not listed here. In addition there are specialised courses offered in Dairy Technology, Sugar Technology and fisheries Technology. Private sector Institutions are also active in providing training courses in Food Technology. Amity Institute of Food Technology in Noida offers B.Tech and M.Sc. courses in FT. Karunya University in Coimbatore is offering Graduate and post graduate courses in FT. Yet the facility for training of future Food Technologists and Engineers is grossly inadequate.